Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Work in Progress : Starburst Afghan

Being from Southern California, I'm a pretty big winter-weather-wimp. I hate being out in the cold. But one thing I do love about the winter weather is cozy-ing up on the couch with my latest crochet project. As much as I hate to admit it, this is the second winter I've been working on this afghan. We had a pretty warm winter last year, so I'm just going to blame that for my slow progress. Since I'm at about the halfway point, I thought I'd share this work in progress.

Though I learned to crochet was I was in grade school, my skills haven't really progressed beyond the basics. When it comes to most other things, I don't usually let my lack of skills stop me. I'm notorious for jumping into big, complicated projects with little to no clue what I'm doing. But, I knew that a full size afghan was going to be a huge time commitment. If I was going to invest that much time in something, I wanted to make sure it would turn out great. I wanted an easy, simple pattern that to other people would not look easy and simple.

I've amassed quite the collection of second-hand needlecraft books over the past few years and decided to pick a pattern from one of those, thus justifying to Michael all the space they're taking up in our apartment. The idea of picking a 1940s or 50s pattern seemed charming but the lack of pictures made me a little wary. In the end I chose a pattern from a 1998 book called Herrschner's Blue-Ribbon Afghans. It's called "Purple Starburst" and is basically, a bunch of perforated squares (like a sheet of postage stamps!) into which contrasting "starbursts" are woven.

The color palette of our living room is shades of grey, yellow, and orange, with hints of blue. So I decided to make a blue blanket with orange and yellow starbursts (doesn't a pattern with the word starburst in it just beg for yellow and orange?).

The pattern as printed in the book had a few mistakes but once I worked out the kinks, it's been a breeze. Hopefully next winter I'll be cozied up under this finished afghan working on a new project! Only time will tell! 

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