Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Project Preview: Simplicity 2750

Here's a little preview of my latest project! Check back soon to see the finished product!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Page to Plate

Nearly every recipe I cook comes from the internet. Generally, I'm trying to cook around what we already have on hand so it's easy to hop on the computer, type in what I've got, and find a recipe that uses those ingredients. This is how I do 80 - 90% of my cooking.

Why then, you might ask, are my bookshelves absolutely overflowing with cookbooks?

Monday, February 17, 2014

Weeknight Wonder: Taco Salads

I love to cook. I really do. But not necessarily every. single. night. Especially after a particularly busy day at work. Or when we've got to eat quick and get out the door for our weekly trivia night. Some nights I have a million other things that need to get done. Then there's those nights when I just want to make time for other creative pursuits (like this afghan that's still not finished!). There are lots of different reasons for not having time to prepare an elaborate or time consuming meal. But I try not to let those reasons become excuses for not having a delicious meal with at least some nutritional merit. The best way to do that, I've found, is to have an arsenal of quick and easy meals for those occasions.

One of my favorite meals for busy nights is taco salads.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Chinese Lantern Apron + Chinese Takeout Gift Box

I bought my sewing machine four years ago. And in that four years, the only thing I ever managed to make was a couple of pillow covers to match the couch cushions my mom recovered for me. Over the years I've been collecting sewing books, patterns, fabric and notions from thrift stores and estate sales, but I've just always been a little too intimidated to start anything.

Finally, when I was home in California this past Christmas, my mom helped me sew an adorable apron and the experience boosted my confidence enough that I was finally ready to attempt something on my own. I knew I needed to start with something simple so I turned to a book my sister bought me a couple years ago: One-Yard Wonders.