Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Meal Plan: August 1 - 7

As I mentioned in my last post, this was a light week for groceries. We got our CSA share and a few things we were running low on, but not much that is actually going to be used in the meal plan this week. We already have most of what we need in the freezer and pantry. Here's what's on the menu this week:

Monday: Mediterranean Grilled Veggie Wraps
Tuesday: Taco Pie
Wednesday: Taco Pie
Thursday: Mediterranean Grilled Veggie Wraps
Friday: Philadelphia Tomato Pie and Garden Salad
Saturday Lunch: Leftover Tomato Pie
Saturday Dinner: Eggs, Hashbrowns, and Turkey Sausage
Sunday Lunch: Leftover Tomato Pie
Sunday Dinner: Eggs, Hashbrowns, and Turkey Sausage

Michael's Work Lunches: Chicken Caesar Wraps
Tracy's Work Lunches: Odds & Ends (13 Bean Soup, Macaroni Salad, etc. Whatever I can scrounge up)

You'll notice that we only make a few different meals each week and eat leftovers about half the time. By doing this we only have to cook once to eat twice. It means less time in the kitchen, fewer dishes, and it ultimately saves money too. Most recipes serve at least four, so it also means we rarely have to scale recipes down.

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